Kutchina Social

At Kutchina Foundation (KF), we conduct a plethora of social events and engage in many philanthropic endeavours with the aim and vision of serving the society. The social objective of KF is very clear – we want to reach out to every underprivileged individual, irrespective of their caste, creed, or sex at every nook and corner of the city and give them an opportunity to live a happy and fulfilling life. At KF we give in our best efforts to make sure our social objectives are met exactly the way we have envisioned them.


Moments of jungle crow – Distribution of breakfast packages to our lovely children.. ‘Khelo Rugby!’

Moments of jungle crow – Distribution of breakfast packages to our lovely children.. ‘Khelo Rugby!’ See Pics


Environmental awareness in Bombay

Kutchina Foundation spreads environmental awareness in Bombay Meri Jaan.

Bombay Meri Jaan is a Broadway style musical based on the anecdotes, facts behind the creation of great Bollywood songs. The journey started with K.L. Saigal and ends with the winning of Oscars of AR Rahman. This event bought together around 3000 people with Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi, Honorable Governor of West Bengal as chief guest.

In line with the constant endeavour to spread environmental awareness, KF distributed Saplings to all in the audience.See Pics


Children’s day out at Nicco park

On 25th January, 2016 we arranged for nearly 50 children from Kalighat, a trip to Nicco Park accompanied by Kutchina Krritika Tumpa Adhikary.For many of those children, who have never seen the world outside their narrow lanes, it was a first-ever visit to an amusement park.
Their day started with a bus ride to Nicco Park, where they were greeted with specially curated rides, food packets, and lots of fun-filled activities.One could tell from the glimmer in their eyes and their laughter, that it was probably the happiest day for them. See Pics


Gift Me a Sky

In tune with the theme for World AIDS Day —‘Universal Access and Human Rights’—KF joined hands with Anandaghar, the only Paediatric Palliative Care Centre for HIV/AIDS in Eastern India, to provide the children affected with HIV/ AIDS the happiness and freedom they deserve like any other child.
Back in 2010, through the same initiative, KF and Anandaghar flew the kids from Kolkata to Bagdogra, on Jet Airways accompanied by 10 famous personalities from the city to let people know that “they too have the sky to fly”. See Pics


Gift a Smile

In the Christmas spirit of giving and sharing, Kutchina Foundation took initiatives to make the day special for the poor and the underprivileged. Socks filled with cakes and chocolates were distributed to children as well as adults at various locations of the city.
All our channel partners and branch offices of Kutchina joined hands to share the merriment and contributed various goodies and gifts to make the time joyous for everyone who was involved. About 1000 children could celebrate Christmas like everyone else and we are glad we could help them do so. See Pics


Khelo Rugby Program

The Jungle Crows Foundation has been organising its annual Winter Camp since 2004, where hundreds of disadvantaged children participate to learn rugby and develop various other skills. The main goal behind the “Khelo Rugby” project is to let people know that every child, regardless of their socio-economic background.
In a society where underprivileged children are victims of inequality and casteism, the “Khelo Rugby” project aims to create an environment where they can enjoy their childhood and rediscover their potentials through games. See Pics