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Our Kutchina Krittika, Madam Kimmy Koshy is an angel in disguise. Why? A significant part of her life revolves around creating a brighter and more positive future for children from nearby slums and red-light area. She runs a humble school-shelter in Kolkata’s Shyam Bazar area with the support of Kutchina Foundation where she provides shelter to 10 underprivileged children from marginalised sections of the society. Besides taking care of their food and shelter, she also provides for their education.
Through her humble but noble initiative, Madam Koshy is slowly changing the lives of these young children who now see life in a positive frame and are encouraged to dream beyond their poverty and marginalised existence.
With the financial aid and assistance of Kutchina Foundation, she is successfully carrying out her mission to change the lives of these youngsters for good.

Madam Kimmy Koshy's Work

Madam Kimi Koshy

Shelter & Learning Centre For Slum & Orphan Children

Madam Kimmy Koshy’s initiative may be small but it’s important, nonetheless. In fact, it’s an act of tremendous support and genuine love for the society that she has shown by her efforts to rehabilitate young children and bring them back to the social mainstream.
Kutchina Foundation has not only recognised the “angel” in Madam Kimmy Koshy but is actively supporting her cause, providing educational tools and resources to help her carry forward her good work of reaching out and changing lives of the children during their formative years.
We hope and firmly believe that just like one candle lights up another, these young children will grow up to become sensitive and responsible citizens of India who will change the lives of other children needing support and sustenance. That’s the kind of positive chain-reaction we are aiming to create! See Pics