Kutchina Foundation collaborates with RACSHA, celebrate their 1st anniversary

Even after moving centuries away from the stone age, why is it still so much of a taboo to talk about child sexual abuse? Why do family members in the know not help a child in distress? Why is the honor of a family so important that it prompts many to brush things under the carpet even if it means compromising on the well-being of a child?

Kutchina Foundation Women Empowerment Centre recently collaborated with RACSHA to commemorate its 1st anniversary. RACSHA that stands for Rise Against Child Sexual Harm & Abuse is an advocacy network of individuals and organizations fighting to prevent the mincing child sexual abuse that’s eating at the very core of our superfluous societal values! West Bengal’s State Minister for Information & Culture and the Chairperson of West Bengal Child Protection Committee were honorable speakers and guests for the evening.

The case of child sexual abuse in India
According to a research done by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in India, 53% of children are victims of child sexual abuse in India. Globally speaking, India ranks second in terms of the highest rate of child sexual abuse. What is more worrying is the fact that mostly child sexual abuse is incestuous in naturewhich means that it is committed by a person who is a family member and has an easy access to the child.
To address the child sexual abuse hogwash, RACSHA was born. RACSHA is a network of organizations and individuals working for the prevention, recognition, addressing and healing of victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. RACSHA is based in Kolkata and they have teachers, activists, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, social workers, special educators and corporates on their team.


RACSHA’s primary aims are – campaign, prevent and intervene to fight the root cause of child sexual abuse and collaborate with the Government to prevent such crimes. RACSHA comprises lawyers, doctors, teachers, activists, software professionals, social workers and others who are helping the programme to grow.
RACSHA completed a year on June 3rd 2017 and to mark the occasion, they celebrated the evening with Kutchina Foundation Women Empowerment Centre. Kutchina Foundation Women Empowerment Centre relentlessly works towards identifying, empowering and rewarding women of substance from the disadvantaged sections of our society.
Kutchina Foundation aspires to extend all round care and support to the disadvantaged girl child and women, thereby creating a pool of empowered and talented women activists and workers who would be the force multipliers in our society. For Kutchina Foundation, CSR is an inner calling carried forward with utmost passion, professionalism and care.