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A primitive tribe girl from Bhatipas village under Kashipur block administration in Rayagada, Baidehi Majhi lost her mother at her infancy. “I, still, feel the cruel chores directed by step mother”, she adds with tears; until, fortunately, Gram Vikas, an NGO working for education connected her to a school.

Even with a lot of opposition from her step mother and close relatives, her determination was not to fade.

She mainstreamed Girls’ Weight Lifting in Chikiti College, one of the oldest colleges in Odisha from British era. By intermediate, she received fifteen awards in various weight lifting championships.

Her passion for sports with visible achievements at National Platforms made her college proud.

Today, she works as an instructor with Gram Vikas Sikshya Niketan at Thuamul Rampur, Kalahandi after completing her graduations.

Her successes have even mobilized her step mother who smiles and tells “Baidehi is my daughter and I’m proud of her”.

Baidehi Majhi's Work


Trainer At Schools

Baidehi leads arts and sports education programmes for both girls and boys. She teaches hundreds in school, supports her step brothers & sisters and few more with financial support and encourages thousands across neighbouring villages. Following her path, dozens of girls have got into sports education. She has become daughter of the region.

Beyond working at school, Baidehi walks into the tribal dominated forest villages, where she spreads the values of education, inspires parents about girls’ schooling and shares the ill impacts of child marriage, while also facilitating Government provisions for girls’ education.