About us

Bajoria Charitable Foundation (BCF) has been a Kolkata based non-profit organisation engaged in charitable and social welfare activities since 2007. From 2016 Bajoria Charitable Foundation is renamed as Kutchina Foundaiton to mark the flagship support from brand Kutchina. Kutchina is a nationally renowned home appliances brand by Bajoria Appliances Pvt Ltd. It is also the Corporate Social Responsibility wing of Bajoria Group's flagship company Bajoria Appliances Private Limited which is the parent company of India's famous kitchen appliances brand - Kutchina.

Kutchina Foundation, founded by Namit Bajoria, came into being out of concern for the need to care for the marginalised. That is why KF uses the tagline “Because We Care”. Mr Bajoria, supported by a team of professionals, spearheads the activities of KF.

Though formed in 2007, the philanthropic activities of Founder-Director, Namit Bajoria, goes back to early 2000. Among earlier projects supported were Anandaghar, Atmaja and Apanjan that focused on AIDS-afflicted poor children and women.

While care and concern for the disadvantaged is at the very core of KF, understanding gained from years of experience in philanthropy confirms the fact that sentiments and inspiration alone is not enough. Accountability and impact analysis ensure meaningful contributions. KF welfare projects are based on means that are:

• Technically Feasible
• Financially Viable
• Ecologically Sustainable
• Culturally Acceptable


Kutchina  Foundation aspires to support the disadvantaged girl child and women; create a network of empowered and talented women activists and workers who would be force multipliers in espousing and furthering the cause of girl child and women in India. KF envisions a vibrant philanthropic culture that inspires individuals to give and serve.

Why women

Women are among the most exploited and disadvantaged in society. KF, in its humble way, seeks to support such women through projects like Krrittika and Kriti Kanya. Also, the Group's flagship kitchen appliances brand Kutchina has witnessed phenomenal growth due to the support of thousands of women across India.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Bajoria Group's CSR initiative, started in mid-2008 through KF, extends beyond cheque book philanthrophy and statutory obligations. For KF, CSR is an “inner calling” executed with utmost professionalism, passion and care; providing time and talent, besides funds and resources.


Kutchina Foundation approaches CSR like a Philanthropreneur – bringing in entrepreneurial skills, management expertise, resources – to make projects impactful, scalable and sustainable. The aim is to create a team of empowered women at the grassroot level who would become agents of social change. KF provides opportunities to develop skills of women to increase their livelihood and spread the culture of Volunteerism.

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Namit Bajoria, Chairperson Kutchina Foundation


Nita Bajoria, Trustee, Kutchina Foundation

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Debaditya Chaudhury, Trustee, Kutchina Foundation

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Kalyaneswar Sarkar, Trustee, Kutchina Foundation

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Bappaditya Mukherjee, CSR Consultant, Kutchina Foundation